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A couple of weeks back we came across a really interesting fact in a New York City Council Member’s email - when wellness callers made calls to home-bound seniors to see how they were coping with the pandemic, 50% of them said they would like to hear a joke. 


This sparked an idea. What if we could launch a comedic helpline to make seniors laugh and help them feel less lonely? 


We reached out to a few elderly service organizations and got an overwhelming response.  Most of the seniors there don't have access to technology like smartphones or computers, so they haven’t been able to access digital entertainment like the rest of us.


At the same time, we reached out to the comedic community and quickly discovered many amazing volunteers, excited for the chance to give back!

We are excited to continue growing even after we’ve all settled into the “new normal.” Because for older adults, social isolation doesn’t end when the lockdown does. And while we can’t cure loneliness, we can help them deal with it better...with a few laughs.


Sam & Bipasha

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